The earlier in your pregnancy the better - most newborn photographers recommend contacting them once you've had your dating scan at around 20 weeks.

Contact your newborn photographer at around 20 weeks of pregnancy

Why So Early?

As we all know, babies are notoriously choosy about when they finally make their appearance into the world!

A photographer will pencil your session into their diary around your due date, but won't make a firm date until you contact them to say baby has arrived.

This means your photographer needs to keep their diary to remain as flexible as possible.

The more notice they have, the better for them to schedule early and late arrivals!

If you leave booking until your baby arrives, it's quite likely that your chosen photographer won't be able to fit you in until your baby is a couple of months old.  

The earlier you can get your name entered into a photographer's diary, the less chance you will have of being disappointed that are unable to find a photographer when baby has arrived.


book your newborn photoshoot early to avoid disappointment  |  Rachel Barron Photography

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