How Can I Afford a Few luxuries?

If you would like to be able to treat yourself to a few more things but just do not have the money then you may feel a bit hard done by. You might want to be able to be like your friends and have the things that they do or just be able to buy a few extras. It can even feel a bit unfair that other people are able to treat themselves to things and you are not. However, there might be ways that you can afford a few extra things.

Compare prices

To start with it is worth making sure that you are not spending more than necessary on items that you buy already. Although it is likely that all of the things that you are buying are necessities, it could be that you are spending more money than necessary on them. It can therefore be worth checking the places that you are buying things form to see whether you can use cheaper ones instead. For example, check your utility companies, insurers and lenders to see how their prices compare to others. If you can switch to a different one and still get a good service then it can be worthwhile doing so. You will notice no difference apart from the fact that you will be spending less money. If you can do these checks regularly with a lot of items then you will hopefully be able to spend less on your necessities and therefore have some left to treat yourself.

Spend a bit less

It might be that you can cut back on some of the things that you buy. It is necessary to buy certain things but you might still be able to cut back. For example, we often buy extra food than what we actually need. We might have portion sizes that are too big, have snacks between meals, buy puddings and things like this which we could actually manage without. We might also be using extra electricity by leaving lights and devices on that we could be turning off. It is good to think about whether everything we are buying is really necessary or whether some of the things that we consider to be necessities really are or whether they are things that we can really go without.

Earn more

Another way to be able to afford a few extras is to earn some money. We might feel that we are already doing everything that we can to earn as much as we can, but there might be things that we have not thought of. For example, it could be possible to make some money by selling things we own but no longer need, renting out some attic space, doing some online work or getting a second job, There are lots of different options and it can just be a case of finding one that will fit in with us and our lifestyle. The amount you can earn will depend on how much time you have but also on what you are prepared to do as obviously some things will pay more than others. You may be prepared to take a lower pay if you can do something that is fun and relaxing from home compared with being paid more to do extra hours of work in a job you do not really like.

It is not easy to be able to afford a few extras but it is certainly possible. You will have to make a conscious effort to make some changes and this will be easier for some people than others. It is worth thinking about what might be easy for you though. There might be some changes that you can make which you feel will be really worthwhile as you will be able to afford some extras.

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